We are pleased and excited to welcome you to our school community. School time is such an important milestone in the life of your young child and we are pleased to share in the emotional enthusiasm associated with this event. You have dedicated your lives to modeling, teaching, providing for, supporting and loving your child, bringing them to us as natural, curious seekers of information and fun. We want to join you, in partnership, in the continued education of your child. There are so many things that you know about your child and how to bring the very best out for him/her. We need to work together so that we may learn about your child and how best to continue in their learning and growing process. We consider it a privilege to work with you and your child. We take this partnership very seriously. We make a commitment to you to do the very best that we can. There are also many things that you will need to know about school routines, expectations and procedures. There will be countless forms, notes, newsletters and correspondence sent home to you about the various aspects, seasons and events throughout the school year. However, to get started, let us begin with a few of the basics.

Kingston School has approximately 500 students in 22 classrooms. There are English and French Immersion classes from Primary to Grade Five. French Immersion begins at Primary, and there is no admission into French Immersion at any other time in the elementary school years. If you decide to enroll your child in French Immersion you are strongly urged to keep your child there throughout the elementary years. Our school consists of both single and multi-aged classes. Our teachers work in teams to ensure your child has access to all opportunities needed to ensure their success.

Beyond our classroom teachers we have a Learning Centre Teacher, a Behaviour Intervention Resource Teacher, early literacy intervention for both French and English students, resource support for both French and English students, a music specialist teacher, a physical education specialist teacher, a Guidance Counsellor and a student support worker for students of African Descent. In cases where extra support is required, we have Educational Assistants who support students in their classrooms. Also available to the school are: psychological services, speech-language services, support services for students of African descent, and consultation services regarding Learning Disabilities.

PO Box 295
630 Pine Ridge Avenue
Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada B0P 1R0
(902) 765-7530 - phone
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Email:  kingston@avrsb.ca