Students walking/dropped off must not arrive before 8:35am

First buses arrive at 8:35am

8:47 am  -  O Canada/Announcements

8:50 am  -  Instructional day begins

2:50 pm  -  Walkers Dismissed

2:55 pm  -  Bus students dismissed

3:00 pm -   Buses leave the school


Kingston and District strives to be "Nut Sensitive"

Our school encourages you to be "Scent Free"

School Cancellation Notices

AVRSB is now using AlertSolutions notifications to send text/email announcements about school cancellations and unplanned early dismissals to parents/guardians, using the contact information you provide to the school.

Others who would like to receive cancellation notices from AVRSB (such as grandparents and childcare providers) can sign up for text/email announcements at





Student-Parent Portal

Parents/Guardians can access information about their child(ren) at any time once they have signed up on the Student-Parent Portal.

To sign up, you will need your child's confidential Access ID and Access Password, which you can request from the school office.

You will receive a letter from the school with this information and instructions on how to get started.

Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Program

Paula Guy, Guidance Counsellor; B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., CCC

Contact:  902-765-7537 or Email



Guidance Counsellors are responsible for the coordination of the guidance program within the school and community, focusing on preventative and responsive programs and services.  These programs and services are principally concerned with the personal, social, educational and career needs of all students.


Counsellors are trained to listen, support, and challenge students, as well as design counselling programs that will meet each individual's needs.


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PO Box 295
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(902) 765-7530 - phone
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