Cafeteria service is provided by Francine Breen and her staff.  Francine and her staff work in accordance with the school board’s School Food Policy, providing nutritious, appealing food at a low cost. There is a daily special which includes a meal, dessert and milk, or children can buy a single milk (white or chocolate).  There are also a variety of other things offered each day such as sandwiches, salads, veggie plates, fruit, yogurt, etc.  A full menu is sent home the first week of school in September. 

Please send a note explaining what your child is permitted to purchase.

Daily specials:

$3.75 (hot meal, dessert and white milk) or

$5.00 (hot meal, dessert and chocolate milk)

The daily specials can be viewed on the right of this page on the Monthly Calendar & Menu.

Meal Cards are the best way to pay for your order each day.  Meal Cards may be purchased in $10 increments and a milk card for $10.00 dollars each for 25 white milks or skim milks at $0.40 each as we are subsidized by Farmers Dairy. Meal and Milk cards may be ordered each morning through your child’s teacher.  Using a meal card avoids lost change, longer line-up waits, and any confusion about where or how the money was spent because we have a record of the daily amount spent.  Meal Cards are kept in the cafeteria. You will be notified with a note from the cafeteria when it needs to renewed.



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