Cafeteria service is provided by Francine Breen and her staff.  Francine and her staff work in accordance with the school board’s School Food Policy, providing nutritious, appealing food at a low cost. 


We are excited about implementing some big changes to our cafeteria service this upcoming year.  Thank you to all parents and staff who participated in the cafeteria survey last spring.  Your feedback was instrumental in us moving forward to make healthy improvements to our school menu, overall delivery service and food service environment.  We are excited about the changes which will include a daily salad bar offering a variety of healthy, appealing and delicious fresh toppings.  The salad bar will have plenty of items to make it a meal itself!  New items are added daily along with the regular items to correspond with main menu, ie taco toppings to match "Taco Bar" day.

We have been working diligently on finding ways to minimize the amount of paperwork, such as tracking meal card balances, for example. Because we prefer to use our Cafeteria Workers' time in meal preparation especially with preparing for the daily salad bar, we have decided to not use meals cards.  Parents/Guardians are asked to please send in money for the order on the day students are ordering.  Each main meal includes the main selection, salad bar, white milk and either a yogurt or fresh fruit cup all for $4.00.

We have minimalized our menu selections and will be working hard to ensure that meals are homemade and contain less sodium, fat and processed foods.  Cafeteria Staff will be making only the items listed on the menu, so we ask parents/guardians to please not request any special orders or anything that is not on the menu for a given day.

Please continue to clearly write in the back and forth classroom communication book, what your child wishes to order each day.  As well, please send in money each day with the order.  Cafeteria staff will be taking student orders directly from the students each day.

Grade P-2 students will be eating their lunches in their classrooms prior to going outside to play each day.  Grade 3-5 students will go outside to place first and will then eat their lunches in one of the two cafeterias. (Note: Grade P-2 students ordering will have a basic salad prepared for them and delivered to their classes with the other items.)

Here's to a happy high-quality and healthful start to the new school year!




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